France: Muslim Man Storms Church During Mass

France: Muslim Man Storms Church During Mass

A Muslim man interrupted mass in a French church in the suburbs of Paris over the weekend, attacking a parishioner and screaming during the liturgy.

The incident took place on Sunday at the Church of Saint-Germain, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in the Paris suburbs of Yvelines at around 6:50 pm and saw the man enter the church in the middle of the mass just prior to the second reading.

“He went in and threw his belongings in a corner. There was a backpack, keys and a phone. Then he stood in front of the altar. He knelt down. He lay down. No one paid attention to him,” a witness told the news website Actu.

“He called us hypocrites. Christians. He said he was being made to look like a buffoon. It was then that a man, quite tall, approached him and told him to leave. The other asked him if he wanted to fight. That’s when there was the headbutt. Others intervened to control it,” the parishioner added.

The witness went on saying, “He was insulting on the fly. He accused the Church of being racist when he came to pray like a Muslim. He was screaming: Satan has entered me! We have to sacrifice some of them… I don’t want to hear the words of the priest. He also said that he was the second son of God because his blood was the blood of Jesus. All while struggling and spitting.”

During the incident, the priest stopped the mass temporarily and later told parishioners to pray for the man but one witness said some were scared of what the man may have had in his bag.

The fears are not unwarranted as the incident comes nearly exactly six years after the death of Father Jacques Hamel, who was murdered and partially beheaded on July 26th during mass in a church in Normandy by radical Islamic terrorists  who pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group.

The incident is also not the first to see a Muslim or a mentally ill man enter a church and start either making threats or attacking people in France this year.

In April, a man was arrested in Toulouse after allegedly trying to plant an explosive device in the Saint-Etienne cathedral at the foot of the cathedral altar. A month later, an Algerian illegal immigrant entered the  Cathedral of Metz on Sunday morning just prior to morning mass armed with a knife yelling “Allahu Akbar” before police arrived and arrested him.