Super Rich Prep for End Times

Super Rich Prep for End Times

A recent poll found that four-in-ten Americans believe we are 'living in the end of times.' And it's not just us Ordinary Joes - billionaires too are prepping for the apocalypse with elaborate doomsday bunkers supplied for months or years in hiding.

With the globalists now quite open about their desire to slash the world's population, and with green agenda economic sabotage, biowar research and warmongering ramping up the problems, fear for the future is spreading like wildfire. So it's no surprise that the Pew Research Center survey of more than US 10,000 adults found that 39 percent now believe we are in the 'end times.'

The world's wealthiest are among those cautious of a coming calamity, including billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sam Altman, who have famously bought properties in remote New Zealand with the express purpose of riding out the end of days.

For the few elite names known to have begun preparing for the end of times, there are scores who remain - likely intentionally - nameless. Technology writer Douglas Rushkoff recently described a secret meeting in the middle of an American desert in which five 'super-wealthy guys' grilled him on how they could better prepare their doomsday bunkers with questions like 'How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?'

A host of companies have emerged ready to meet that demand, including Rising S, which says it has built 14 bunkers in New Zealand; Survival Condo, which converts abandoned US missile silos into survivalist underground high-rises; and the Czech based Oppidum, which offers 'ultra-luxury' bunkers for billionaires anywhere in the world.

Thiel, like Altman, appears to be one of many billionaire doomsday 'preppers' who view the island nation of New Zealand as the ideal hideout for riding out a global catastrophe.

One of Thiel's PayPal co-founders, Reid Hoffman, told The New Yorker that among the world's wealthiest New Zealand is quietly understood to be the place to hunker down in the event of calamity.

'Saying you're ''buying a house in New Zealand'' is kind of a ''wink, wink, say no more'',' Hoffman said.

Rod Drury, the chief executive of the Thiel-backed New Zealand accounting software company Xero, the said American billionaires 'treat New Zealand as a bit of a bolt-hole'.

Like Thiel, billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page holds residency in New Zealand after being granted it last year. There are reportedly bunkers in Hamilton, Hanmer Springs and Wanaka.

For those who don't want to worry about a flight to New Zealand, Rising S will build its bunkers wherever its clients want them.

In the continental United States, the company is joined by competitors like Survival Condo, the Kansas-based company that converts former US military missile silos into luxury shelters from the kind of Armageddon their old payloads once threatened the world with.

The company was founded by former government contractor Larry Hall, who in 2008 converted a 197-foot deep silo into a 15-story luxuriously appointed bunker that could house 75 people for up to five years.

Hall currently has one silo completed, and has started work on a second, according to the company website. He is currently selling units in the first silo in a way that looks more at home in modern New York City than in a coming Age of Annihilation.

A half-floor 'Condo suite' - which includes 'simulated view' windows, among other standard luxury amenties - is offered for $1.5million. Full-floor units go for $3million. A penthouse - 3,600-square feet over two floors - goes for $4.5million.

For customers who have had it with condos in the modern era before The Great Fall, Survival Condo offers customized bunkers to be built on their private properties.