Welsh parliament offers tampons next to urinals

Welsh parliament offers tampons next to urinals

The Senedd - The Welsh parliament, is wasting public money after it put women’s sanitary products in men’s toilets.


Tampons and pads have been placed by the urinals in all male lavatories at the Senedd, for the benefit of any potentially 'transgender staff'.

Signs at the building in Cardiff state: ‘These products are provided free of charge for all those that need them, following negotiation on your behalf by the Senedd Commission Trade Union Side.’

A spokesman for the Senedd, which also has gender-neutral lavatories and shower facilities, told the Daily Telegraph it had ‘made period products available across our estate.'

It comes after the Labour-controlled Welsh government said it wanted to make it easier for people to legally change sex despite controversy over Scotland’s self-ID plan.

The devolved administration wants Whitehall to hand it the power to change the law on gender recognition, and also to let people state they are non-binary on passports and driving licences.