Templar Castles: Miravet, Spain

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Templar Castles: Miravet, Spain

Located in a strategic passage of the river Ebro, its millenary castle hosted the headquarters of the Templars. Thus, it was the scene of their last and heroic resistance. 

The Ebro River was, until the arrival of the railway, a commercial communication artery of the first order between Zaragoza and the Mediterranean.

For that reason, beginning from the year 1153 the Templars modified the castle turning it into a fortress – Cistercian monastery from which to pray to God and to administer its international delivery.

To ensure the invulnerability of their so-called ‘Torre del Tesoro (Treasure Tower)’, they erected a barbican up to 25 metres high.

The so-called ‘Torre de la Sangre (Tower of the Blood)’ was there where the last knights who refused to surrender to the troops of the King of Aragon were executed.

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