Templar Hub Project Surges Forward

Templar Hub Project Surges Forward

The best equipped, most professional and most sophisticated Templar facility in the Order’s 800 year history! That’s what we are building at the St. Donard’s Priory – and progress is rapid, with Stages 1 and 2 of the four part project already finished! Our picture here shows Brother Jim with the newly installed plaque making the completion of the Chapel in Stage 2.

Stage 1 was the Chapter House building. The Lower Chapter House – our new administration office – is complete, as is the Upper Chapter House, which is a small meeting room. Until the main Saint Donard’s Priory House is renovated in Stage 4, it will provide a small self-contained guest unit.

Stage 2 was the Saint Mary Magdalene Chapel. This stunning restoration is also now complete, save for the slab floor, which will be laid once the new concrete base is fully dry.

Stage 3 is underway. The Templar Hub is not only urgently needed in its own right, it is also a vital stepping stone to Stage 4 and the final completion of this very ambitious but highly practical project. The Templar Hub will have two rooms. The larger of these will be the Dispatch Room. This will be filled with industrial strength storage racks and a packing area for all orders.

A triple locked, high security door in the Dispatch Room will lead to our dedicated Crypto Den. In the centre of the new complex, this will be ultra-secure, bone dry and very clean. It will also enable us to recycle the heat from the racks of mining rigs to warm the Chapel, Dispatch Room, and the Chapter Houses.

The rapid completion of Stage 3 will make the operation super energy efficient - in effect, self-sufficient. The constant dry heat is particularly important for the new storage area, as it will provide the perfect conditions for storing swords and other steel products, which are of course as vulnerable to cold and damp as our beautiful books.

The extra storage capacity will solve a big problem holding back our regular production of books – simply having somewhere to keep literally tons of boxes of them!

This is all so important that the Council of Nine has decided to press ahead with Stage 3 immediately. Its prompt completion will allow Stage 4 to begin quickly. This will turn the Priory House into guest bedrooms and a dormitory, with all facilities, including a fully equipped modern kitchen, a smart dining room, large meeting room and a snug Sir Knights’ sitting room.

The great news is that the foundations have already been dug and poured. Weather and finances permitting, it is hoped to have the Templar Hub complete and in use before the end of April. This will be another huge leap forward for your Order. Deus Vult!


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