Templar Report: Antifa Armed and Ready

Templar Report: Antifa Armed and Ready

Thousands of left-wing extremists are heading to Syria to fight Turkey alongside the Kurds. Why are Western governments allowing their own citizens to join foreign terrorist organisations?

With America's withdrawal from the region, Russia, Turkey have rushed in to fill the void. Now, thousands of on Antifa communists are heading to Syria to receive combat experience.

There even is an LGBT battalion on the ground fighting against Turkish Forces!

The Templars were vilified by the world's media for equipping persecuted Christians with much needed bullet proof vests; yet the fake news media has remained, for the most part, silent about the mass exodus of communists to the battlefields of the Middle East.

The Alt Right, the Yellow Vests and Generation Identity will just not cut it!

While the young men of the right are running around with toy shields and scuffling with police officers, the left is gearing up for war. Ignore this Templar Report at your peril. Soon, they will be back on the streets of America and Europe causing havoc targeting Conservatives and Christians.