Templar Report: Britain Remembers

Templar Report: Britain Remembers

Join Templar Report Guest Presenter Jim Dowson as he speaks about the sacrifice of Britain's youth in the killing fields of Europe. Whatever you do tomorrow, make sure you remember those who fell in defence of Britain's freedom!

101 years ago, the guns fell silent all across Europe. The history of this continent would never be the same again. Countless graveyards dot the French and Belgian landscape.

The horror these men would have witnessed are unimaginable!

If we should take any lessons from this video it should be that European brother's will never again go to war at the whims of our political masters.

For those who died fighting for their homelands, may they rest in peace!

On remembrance Sunday, pay your respect to those who died for YOUR freedom. Get up, get out and attend your local ceremony. Never forget the sacrifice made for us by those who never came home!