Templar Report: Burkinis before Brits

Templar Report: Burkinis before Brits

Imagine donating your entire life towards a worthy cause, in this case an organisation dedicated to saving your fellow citizens from drowning, only to discover that your money was spent on Burkinis for Muslim girls in Africa...

Left-wing fanatics hijack British charity and betray its donors

The Royal National lifeboat institute (RNLI) is a national institution; a unique organisation; one the British people look on with pride and affection. Who would have thought that instead of saving distressed young Brits from the grip of the seas, instead, they were shipping burkinis to Islamic nations, all in the name of "foreign aid" and thus wasting generous donations made by kind-hearted Britons.

Well, the British certainly did not see it coming!

Not only that, it then transpired that the organisation plans to lay off at least 160 people in Britain because...wait for it: cash flow problems. All whilst the CEO of said organisation takes home a whopping £160,000 per year. Yet again, the British people are being taken for mugs.

Even their sacred institutions of Britain are not safe!

Join Templar Report guest presenter Jim Dowson for all the latest on the scandal that has outraged an entire nation.