Templar Report: Christmas Message

Templar Report: Christmas Message

As we prepare to celebrate this holiest of days, our guest presenter Jim Dowson is here to bring you a very special edition of Templar Report.

Christmas consumerism is rampant, and it’s sad and more than a little ironic that people are rushing out to take advantage of the latest sales right after we spend a day being intentionally thankful for what we already have!

In addition to this perversion of the true meaning of Christmas, liberals and their media allies have, for some decades now, declared unholy war on this sacred day, undermining and devaluing it.

All in the name of tolerance and diversity, of course!

As Christians, for one day, let's resist the temptation to "shop till we drop." Let's remember the reason for the season, to borrow a phrase. 

Spend time with your loved ones, yes, the thankful for the generosity of our lord, but remember, Christmas, is a time to praise Christ, his birth; the very man, sent by God, to die on a tree, to cleanse mankind of its sins. That is more important than the latest XBox game or bickering online with snowflakes over politics.

From everyone here at Rosslyn Priory, we wish all our brothers and sisters worldwide, a very happy and holy Christmas!