Templar Report: Do Cucumbers Cry?

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Templar Report: Do Cucumbers Cry?

Do cucumbers Cry? Are men women? Will you be travelling to London to celebrate the coupling of two gay penguins? has the world gone mad?

Our conclusion is: Yes! Whether it is those in academia, governments, show business, or journalism, the tell tale signs are all there. In this day and age, though, it is people like you and me arrested, jailed, locked up and fed medication to "cure" our "intolerance." It is Christians and patriots that are hounded out of public life and declared "mentally ill" for daring to point out the sheer insanity of modern life and especially our political and spiritual enemies. Guest Presenter Jim Dowson brings you some of this week's weirdest stories as millions around the world prepare for a full month of debauchery (July is PRIDE month, after all.)


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