Templar Report: Satanism and Abortion

Templar Report: Satanism and Abortion

A video showing a drag queen performing a gruesome fake abortion on itself using fake blood, guts, and a plastic fetus has outraged Christians (and most sane people) across the world.

The New York-based drag queen in question, Blair Back, said: “No babies were harmed in this video." 

Tearing out a plastic baby doll covered in blood, Back then smears the fake blood onto their body while lipsyncing and dancing to the howls of the ghouls watching.

We are truly living through a new dark age!

The satanic abomination was defended by the usual anti-Christian types, defending "artistic expression" with remarks like: “Satan isn’t real. Neither is God. Calm down.”

Another user said: “Someone’s gotta make a shirt of you sitting on the bar with a knife in one hand and the doll on the other.”

The depravity of the left knows no bounds. For the full story, do not miss this episode of Templar Report with our pro-life figurehead and our guest Presenter Jim Dowson.