Templar Report: The Amazon Hoax

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Templar Report: The Amazon Hoax

The Amazon rain-forest is burning and the liberal media have went into overdrive with scare stories about how this fire signals the death of the human race. We are here to tell you why it is all lies...

Never let a good opportunity go to waste; that is the liberal mantra. Do not be fooled! the Amazon rainforest hoax is nothing more than a global smear campaign against Jair Bolsonaro, the Conservative and Christian President of Brazil, and his supposed "indifference" for the environment and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Also in the news this week, sex dolls - the latest commodity for a sex-obsessed, atheistic generation of individualists. If that were not bad enough, paedophiles are now purchasing Chinese-made sex dolls of children. Join guest presenter Jim Dowson for this week's first fact-filled episode of Templar Report.



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