Templar Report: The Drums of War

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Templar Report: The Drums of War

The recent attack on Saudi Arabia's oil fields have created tension in the region and the western neocons are once again pushing to send your sons and daughters onto the battlefield.

Once again we see the usual suspects, the ye-ha school of foreign policy, their minions and the Zionist lobby, calling for the total destruction of Iran. Whether or not Iran bombed the Saudi oil fields is beyond the point; this is not a battle where our sons and daughters are to be used as cannon fodder. Nor should we overlook the fact that both Saudi Arabia and Israel are nuclear armed states that are more than capable of defending themselves. If there is one thing we want you to take away from this video, it is this: we will not be sacrificing our children for any nation but our own nations nor for any other faith, whether the Wahhabi faith of the Saudis or the Jewish faith of the Israelis. War with Iran is not in our interest. Join us and our guest presenter Jim Dowson for this explosive episode of Templar Report.  


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