Templar Report: USA Gun Crime

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Templar Report: USA Gun Crime

In the latest episode of Templar Report, guest presenter Jim Dowson smashes the media narrative on the latest mass shootings and blasts the big tech industry after its latest anti-Christian cull...

The heinous mass shooting is receiving all the media attention right now. A supposed racist, Trump supporter stormed Walmart and massacred 20 people. What is receiving much less attention is the mass shooting in Ohio by a confirmed socialist, satanist, anime pervert. The media would not have an agenda, would they? The calls from gun control followed soon after and the demonization of "white men" continues, but are white men really the most dangerous element within our society? Mr. Dowson breaks down the figures. LifeSite News, a Catholic Pro-Life website, without notification, was booted off the Apple news feed. Censorship, Gun Control and racial demonization; that is your future American comrades, unless we turn this ship around.

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