The Attack on the Family and the Fight Back

The Attack on the Family and the Fight Back

“Never has the institution of the family been put in such jeopardy as it is today. Wars, tyrannical rulers and the reducing of entire peoples into slavery, although never absent from history, have damaged or even destroyed individual families, but the institution itself had never been touched.

“Until now, when the cultural Marxists have made the demolition of the Family a key part of their long war against Christian civilisation and European identity.”

The Attack on the Family and the European resistance is an important new work exposes the origins and methods of this ruthless assault on traditional values and on the rights of parents and children. Written from a patriotic, traditionalist and Christian perspective, it highlights the anti-human agenda of the so-called liberal promotion of ‘gender theory’, abortion and heterophobia.

The Attack on the Family provides valuable insights into the deeply negative impact of the left’s assault on the Family on the physical and mental welfare of real individuals – children, parents and indeed even ‘minorities’, who are in fact nothing more than useful battering rams in the war against tradition, identity and God.

Many other works on the same subject suffer by being light on facts and heavy on angry rhetoric. This book, by refreshing contrast, is fact-filled, extensively referenced and calmly objective. Furthermore, it concludes by examining the positive steps now underway in various nations as the traditionalist counter-revolution grows in strength and confidence.

The Attack on the Family is the first book published by the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, a European-level political party which last year caused considerable anguish in the inner sanctums of the European Union by succeeding in qualifying for a share of the funds Brussels makes available each year for parties organised across the EU.

The majority of such parties take liberal or leftist positions, inimical to the interests of normal families and the sovereignty of nation states. It is therefore a pleasant surprise to see traditionalist taxpayers getting a small ‘rebate’ in the form of good work such as this.

The book certainly pulls no punches. Its opening review of the history of anti-family ideas naturally enough focuses in particular on the disaster of 1789. The threads of the project are then followed through to our own times:

“Turning to more current events, it is essential to remember that in the cultural narrative of the student protest movement of 1968, the family was viewed as an oppressive institution that should be defeated, a ‘gas chamber’, a suffocating cage, a cultural curse and unnatural.

“These anti-family ideological trends helped shape the climate in which the laws which legalised divorce and abortion were introduced. Thereby, the family is no longer indissoluble. Love is not forever and children no longer have the security of two parents. At the same time, parents are no longer faithful to the love of their child but instead they can choose to kill it, disposing of it with methods which, although commonplace, are almost unbelievably brutal.

“But even this is not enough. If the family is something that is not natural but merely the cultural expression of an economic relationship, there are no limits to it being changed and dismantled. It is necessary, using a term of the great speculator George Soros, but also of the new global world, “to open up” the family as much as possible, then unhinge it as much as possible. Hence not merely multiple genders for individuals, but also all the new possible “families” that lie ahead for modern man, thanks to bio-technology, which is the force to destroy the family completely.”

The author, an Italian academic compelled by the ‘intolerance of the tolerant’ to remain anonymous, is not afraid to join the dots and to put before us the Big Picture:

“If the family is the basis of human society, marriage is the foundation upon which the family is based. The crisis affecting the institution of marriage is evident. Nevertheless, it is precisely from marriage that we must start: Only if we return to a true unity between man and woman, united in marriage, will it be possible to counter the demographic winter in which Western civilization is freezing to death.”

The work is perhaps most valuable when it systematically sets about presenting scientific evidence that demolishes liberal propaganda on issues such as the well-being of the children who are treated as political and social footballs by the enthusiasts for ‘alternative families’:

“Let us take, one by one, all the “indicators of well-being”: Education; physical security; the parent-child relationship; the workings of a couple; sexual and reproductive health; mental health; physical health; income and employment; quality of housing; addictions; level of satisfaction (subjective well-being). In every single case, a family composed of a married mother and father with children, provides the best environment and outcomes for all concerned.

“Quoting Professor Pliego it is possible to confirm that: ‘84.9% of records [Pliego analysed 3318 subjects in 351 studies, ed] indicate that married couples and children who live with both biological parents, have a greater well-being and also statistically very significant – there is no distinction between one country and another…. Instead, only 1.2% of records show the opposite trend [significantly less welfare, Ed]

“He continues: ‘In summary, we note that well-being indicators significantly favour married couples and children living with both biological parents, 71 times more (84.9 / 1.2) than other family types. A considerable difference!…We can see that in this type of family [natural and founded on marriage, Ed.] there is less violence towards women and children; the signs of physical health are better; mental health problems occur to a lesser extent; incomes are higher and unemployment less frequent; housing conditions are more favorable; there is greater cooperation in relationships; the bonds between parents and children are more positive; drug use, alcohol and tobacco is used statistically less; the children’s social behavior is more cooperative and there are lower rates of crime among minors; and the school performance of children is better…’

“All this remains true whatever the nation analysed: ‘The type of country is not relevant: it could be Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Eastern or Western; in high, medium or low economic growth; with well established or recently democratic political systems. In any case, married couples and children who live with both biological parents demonstrate higher levels of wellbeing compared to any other possible family situation or couple’.”

One by one, the shibboleths of the ‘gay lobby’, gender theorists and liberals in general are weighed in the balance of scientific research and found wanting. The author has clearly approached his task with passion, yet he never loses compassion or sight of the fact that the anecdotes, studies and experiences uncovered by the multitude of researchers who he quotes involve real, individual people.

Some of the facts in this book will shock you; others will make you angry or, especially if you are a parent or grandparent yourself, worried. So it is very welcome that this extensive survey of the whole issue of the liberal/cultural Marxist ‘Long War’ on the Family (and by direct extension, on children) also contains a section detailing the way in which an effective fight back is underway, particularly in the nations of central and eastern Europe. The high tide of liberal irrationality may already have passed, as the author concludes:

“We have also seen that, in a growing number of countries, there are the beginnings of a return to healthier and more natural concepts of the family, personal relationships and the rights of parents, children and the nation. It is hoped that this current work will assist in building the foundations of this counter-revolution and the return of all of Europe to sanity, decency and the future.”