The Biggest People Smugglers

The Biggest People Smugglers

With 27 illegal migrants dead in the English Channel, this week brought a stark reminder of just how deadly liberal immigration policies can be. Those victims were lured to their deaths not just by people smugglers running a lucrative business on the beaches between Calais and Dunkirk, but also by the gang operating out of Westminster.

Because it is not Albanian gangsters who this month alone handed newly arrived illegals 3,000 chicken shish kebab meals, costing £19.50 each, from a Kent chain of takeaways – plus hundreds of Domino’s pizzas. They didn’t arrange the welfare checks or the clothing handouts, or the coaches that promptly took them to 3 and 4 star hotels around Britain. – before eventually moving them on to newly refurbished flats.



It’s not the people smugglers who handed brand new mobile phones to 14,000 ‘refugees’ between January and September this year. They aren’t the ones who give every illegal migrant who the RNLI, Coastguard or Royal Navy ferry to Dover also receive £39.63 a week each from the Home Office to top up their full board hotel lifestyle. Or who then fund the legal representation that keeps even the most bogus living here at our expense for years.

No, it’s not Albanians doing any of that. It’s the Westminster Gang!

And much the same can be said about the south western border of the United States, where untold numbers of illegals have died in the desert or abused and murdered by Mexican drug gangs. But the Biden-Harris Mob as the worst of the lot!