The Bird is FREE - video

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The Bird is FREE - video


"The bird is free", tweeted Elon Musk as he took control of Twitter and immediately sacked its censorship-obsessed woke executives. At the same time, he announced that Donald Trump's twitter account is going to be reinstated.

Within hours, various liberals took to social media whining about 'anarchy' on Twitter as previously banned ideas, phrases, images and hashtag started to come pouring back onto the platform. The left's biggest concern is that the leap back to freedom will be enough to push Republican candidates over the line in next month's mid-terms. While we have zero faith in politicians, to have Biden and his crew lose control of Congress would be a God-send. Not just for the USA, but for the whole world. Because while it's entirely possible that victorious Republicans would promptly forget their promise to keep US tax dollars at home, rather than funding the disgusting conflict in the Ukraine, it is also possible that they might keep that promise. That would bring a rapid end to the conflict and instantly move back the hands of the Doomsday Clock.

Pray for such a result! And get back on Twitter and spend the next fortnight using Twitter as a weapon against the illegitimate and bankrupt Biden regime. Let's get to work!


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