The Family as the Bedrock of Civilisation

Today, I came across THIS ARTICLE in which Dr. Jordan Peterson calls for ‘intact heterosexual two-parent families’ to maintain civilization.

I have to agree with him.   He is absolutely right!

Two-parent families are indeed better for the children and help them grow into well-adjusted individuals and adults.

In contrast, single-parent homes are detrimental to the children and can lead to the children developing personality disorders and anti-social behaviour in childhood and adulthood.

The most common and destructive personality disorders are the Cluster B personality disorders, which include Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Anti-Social Personality Disorder, an umbrella term for Sociopathy and Psychopathy.

In all honesty, these personality disorders are pretty much different shades of the same colour and that is why they are spectrum disorders i.e. they all fall within the Cluster B Personality Disorder spectrum.

At the lower end of the spectrum is Narcissism and at the higher end of the spectrum is Psychopathy.  Basically, psychopathy is Narcissism in its full malignancy.

All of the disorders are toxic, destructive, erratic, dangerous and sadly, pervasive in society today.

Personally, I believe the reason why society has become increasingly narcissistic, destructive and psychopathic is due to daycare.

Children grow up into adults.  Adults form societies and societies form civilizations.

Basically, the home is the bedrock of civilization and herein lies the immense power and influence that we, as women, have.

In one of Fr Ripperger’s videos, he mentioned that “A Woman can make or break a nation by how she raises a SINGLE child”.  Truer words never spoken!

Today’s feminists, liberals and Social Justice Warriors are so narrow-minded and deluded in their persistent demand for women’s rights and in their rabid insistence that women are oppressed that they fail to see that women already have rights and we are not oppressed.

Instead, we have much greater influence and power, because it is we who form societies.

But Paige, I hear you ask, how does sending your child to daycare create dysfunctional societies and a dying civilization?

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Also, another reason why daycare tends to create more antisocial and personality disordered children is this:

Up to the age of 4, children MUST spend their time with the mother.

It is the PARENTS’ JOB (not the State and definitely not daycare) at this crucial period to socialize their children and teach them skills that will prepare them to be social and functional members of society.

Age 4 is when children, biologically and psychologically, are able to socialize properly with other children and adults.

By age 4, the properly socialized child is more readily accepted by other children and adults.  He or she is accepted into his or her peer group and goes off with the other children, and they then socialize each other.

Placing your child in daycare before age 4 is arresting their development and social skills.

It will result in an antisocial and pretty much feral child because the child will be socialized, not by its mother or primary caregiver, but by other children, who themselves are not fully socialized because they too are in daycare, instead of being raised by their mothers.

This poorly socialized child results in a toddler with poor social skills, anti-social traits, and possible personality disorders.

As the child grows into adolescence and teenhood, these personality disorders become part of the character and ossify into their personality.  This is why personality disorders cannot be fixed or treated.

A personality disorder is not a mental illness; it is a part of the person’s personality.

And a poorly socialized child becomes a toddler and adolescent with anti-social traits, and finally becomes an adult with any one of the above Cluster B Personality traits.

Now, when you have an entire society comprised of these dysfunctional adults, what exactly do you think happens?

I’ll tell you what happens.

You get a society filled with people and leaders who are lacking in empathy, who are narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopathic, dangerous, destructive and malignant.

Like any malignant cancer, this dysfunctional society infiltrates every level of civilization, destroying everything good, wholesome and progressive and destroying other people and each other.

The civilization crumbles and dies.  THAT is what happens.

Never ever take your role as a mother lightly.  Your responsibility is immense.

Run fast away from any man who might be dating you and who is not supportive of your desire to be a Stay At Home mother and housewife.

A man who expects you to continue to work fulltime outside of the home is a toxic, dysfunctional and malignant person, and most like will display several traits of having a personality disorder.  Read my RED FLAGS article for some of these traits.

A healthy man, whether or not he is Catholic, will instinctively understand the importance of having the mother at home in the early years of the child.  This is pure instinct and he does not need to know anything about psychology or sociology to get this.

So, if a guy has no understanding or natural inclination towards this, beware.

That man has no empathy, no natural instinct and is malignant.

Choose very carefully who you marry and have children with.

The home is the bedrock of civilization.  Two-parent homes create healthy, functional and thriving societies and civilizations.

The child needs a two-parent home, especially in its early years.

The father cannot do it alone and the mother cannot do it alone either.

Both parents need to be present; the mother needs to be at home, raising the child, and the father needs to be in employment, providing for his family so the mother can stay at home and do the most important job of her life, being a mother.

Two-parent homes don’t just birth and raise children; they birth and raise society itself and entire civilizations.

May God help us raise children who do not have to recover from their childhoods.

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.

Holy Family, pray for us, make our families one with yours!

Originally published at: Traditional Catholic Femininity

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