The Fanatic Behind Those "Beheaded Babies"

The Fanatic Behind Those "Beheaded Babies"

The claim that Hamas fighters "beheaded babies" has become the central part of the propaganda campaign to 'justify' the expulsion of millions of Palestinians as 'refugees' to Europe and the USA. So the revelation that the story comes from an unverified claim by a violent Zionist fanatic calls the whole thing into serious question.

It was an Israeli reserve soldier named David Ben Zion who told a reporter that Palestinian militants “cut [off] heads of babies,” Biden, Netanyahu, and the international media amplified the dubious claim.

But investigative journalist site Grayzone has ex;posed Ben Zion as a fanatical settler leader who incited riots by demanding a Palestinian town be “wiped out.”

David Ben Zion, a Deputy Commander of Unit 71 of the Israeli army who also happens to be an extremist settler leader who incited violent riots against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank earlier this year.

In an October 10 interview with reporter Nicole Zedek of the Israeli state-sponsored i24 network, Ben Zion stated, “We walked door to door, we killed a lot of terrorists. They are very bad. They cut heads of children, they cut heads of women. But we are stronger than them.” 

He added, “We know that they are animals,” referring to Palestinians, “but we found that they don’t have any heart.”

David Ben Zion, is a leader of the Shomron Regional Council of 35 illegal West Bank settlements who called this year for the Palestinian village of Huwara to be “wiped out.”

“Enough talk about building and strengthening the settlements,” Ben David said in a Twitter post on February 26, 2023. The deterrence that was lost must return now, there’s no room for mercy.”

Ben David was quoted in Israeli media proclaiming soon after, “The village of Huwara should be wiped out, this place is a nest of terror and the punishment should be for everyone,” a clear call for the collective punishment of Palestinians.

Ben David’s call for collective punishment in Huwara was far from his only genocidal imprecation against Palestinians. Indeed, he has used his social media accounts to repeatedly call for war crimes as well as the “deportation of the [Palestinian] masses.”

“The Palestinian people… [are] an enemy,” Ben David wrote in 2016. “We can’t change their barbaric DNA.”

During his failed campaign for the Israeli Knesset in 2021 with the pro-settler Jewish Home party, Ben David described his mission as follows: ”I am committed to the task of restoring the political home of religious Zionism.”

In another post from the holy site, Ben David wrote that “The Temple Mount is not only the past of the Jewish people but also the future.” He then urged his followers to donate to Beyadenu, an organisation whose members attempt to slaughter lambs in a barbaric sacrifice there as part of their campaign to turn the ancient Christian and Muslim holy site into an exclusively Jewish one.

All this matters to us because such propaganda lies are being used to push for us to get involved in this very distant quarrel. Getting dragged into it is already costing huge amounts of money in the "emergency military aid" the political elite are rushing to Israel. And, of course, backing them also makes Western nations a potential terror target for Islamist fanatics. We should stay out of it all completely!