The Great Reset Resistance - Book Review

The Great Reset Resistance - Book Review

The Great Reset – what it is and how to fight it

The Great Reset is the global elite plot to use the covid and man-made climate change panics as the excuse to dismantle our society. Bill Gates. Klaus Schwab and Co are out to destroy the middle class and independent businesses, seize the world’s wealth and impose a worldwide corporate surveillance tyranny to crush resistance.

If by chance this is news to you, then you really need to do some further research, because you and your family are among the targets of this, one of the most open and blatant ‘conspiracies’ in all history.

The Great Reset Resistance starts by explaining exactly what the Great Reset is all about. It sets out in stark detail the full horror of the plan. The insanely greedy and arrogant elite aren’t just aiming to turn us all into slaves on their global plantation.

It is about much more than stopping us peasants flying or eating beef; they boast openly of their plan to use ‘transhumanist’ technology - such as brain implants and DNA editing - to change the very nature of humanity.

But  a lot of people know all this already. The best thing about this remarkable, top-quality hardback is that it concentrates not on the evil of the Great Reset but on what we can all do to help resist it. After two stunning chapters explaining the problem, the remaining 14 offer solutions.

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Chapters on the fate of the early Christian martyrs, and of persecuted Irish Catholics and Scottish Covenanters, remind us that we should fight, rather than fear, the petty tyrants of today. It all puts the ‘hardships’ of doxxing, pressure at work and prosecutions for ‘hate-speech’ very much into context.

The book then studies past theories of non-violent civil disobedience, and has a chapter about how and why we must ‘learn from history’.

Finally, it moves on to five chapters about the immediate threats which the global elite’s power and wealth grab pose to you, and sets out concrete and achievable steps we can all take to safeguard ourselves, families and communities.

This is the second book in the Deus Vult trilogy, and it continues in the unapologetically Christian tone of the first, Reconquista of the West. It is, however, a stand-alone book in its own right. And it is a book for all patriots, not just Christians. The inspiration, wisdom and practical answers it sets out will help everyone who reads it to survive the turmoil and inevitable future collapse of the Great Reset. It is a true classic for our times and the Knights Templar have every reason to be proud of this remarkable, thought-provoking and very timely book.