The Grim Truth About Trans 'Treatment'

The Grim Truth About Trans 'Treatment'

Brandon Showalter is a Christian journalist. He is also one of America's most knowledgeable and outspoken critics of "gender transitioning", the PC term for "sex change".

Brandon says he was “thrown into” covering LGBT issues when he first started at the Christian Post in 2016, starts by describing meteoric rise of “gender clinics” in the United States and the “atrocious” things they do to children. For instance, the combination of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones will “almost certainly render a child [permanently] sterile.”

“Since when did it become ethical to sterilize a child, especially when there’s no disease like cancer, where … you might lose your fertility because you’ve got drugs for chemo and radiation?” he says. “Gender confusion … [is] a psychological condition that does not warrant a hormonal or surgical intervention. So it’s a disgraceful practice. It should never happen in my opinion.”

Even worse are the “gruesome” surgeries for both boys and girls that involve amputation of genitals and the construction of fake genitals to correspond with the sex they are seeking to be “transitioned to.” Showalter says there are major financial incentives for hospitals to perform these surgeries, but also significant “ideological indoctrination” from schools and the media that tell children these drugs and surgeries can help them become their “authentic self.”

“This is neo-Gnosticism on steroids, literally,” he adds. “And it’s happening to young people, very young people,” including teenagers as young as 13 or 14 years old.

With regard to fake genitals, doctors will need to harvest and remove parts of the child’s skin – from the abdomen or forearm, for example – a process which undoubtedly leaves lifelong scars. Not only that, these “Frankenstein surgeries,” as Showalter calls them, can only approximate the working parts and thus don’t even serve much of an actual bodily function.

“This is intentionally damaging the body in pursuit of a physiological impossibility. This is surgery in pursuit of a lie,” he says. “A surgery should never be done to remove a physically healthy body part. Medical ethics is just dead as a doornail, in my opinion, that this would be something doctors or surgeons would ever do.