The next BIG thing: Follow KTI on Telegram

The next BIG thing: Follow KTI on Telegram

We have a have major announcement: The Knights Templar International is now on Telegram!

As well as it’s messaging and group chat features a telegram channel allows a user to broadcast a message, poll, link or video to other users who are subscribed to their channel instantly, working like a mass text messaging service.

Following the de-platforming of the Templars, we decided that drastic action was needed. Telegram has a strong track record of resistance to State Censorship.

With Facebook, YouTube, and other major tech companies purging patriot groups from their platforms, Telegrams offers us the opportunity to interact directly with our members. 

Telegram has a similar structure to WhatsApp but is not owned by Facebook, and unlike WhatsApp, Telegram allows groups with no maximum capacity.

To follow us on Telegram, simply install the app on your phone or desktop and search for us, or alternatively, if you are already on Telegram, click this link.