The Revolution Eating Its Own

The Revolution Eating Its Own

Another one bites the dust! We've spoken before about how the Woke revolution is already starting to devour its own - as all Red Terror revolutions always do. The best example is the growing civil war between transgender militants and the feminists. Just a few years ago, the latter were on the cutting edge of the left's cultural war against the West, but now they are being purged almost as quickly as the middle aged white men they used to target.

The latest example is Joan Smith. The feminist campaigner on violence against women has been sacked by the Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, after she expressed concerns about transgender women being allowed into refuges for rape victims.

Labour party member Smith says she was fired by City Hall after raising the problem on behalf of charitiesthat were said to be concerned about the proposal.

Ms Smith wrote to Mr Khan to say that though trans women should have access to services they need, female victims of male violence should not have to share refuges with 'individuals who have male bodies'.

The Mayor did not respond, the Times reports. Instead, his administration wrote to say her position as co-chairwoman of the Violence Against Women and Girls board would be taken over by a City Hall official.