Three Knots for Every Outdoorsman VIDEO

Three Knots for Every Outdoorsman VIDEO

A video about useful but basic KNOTS! What on earth has this got to do with the Knights Templar?

Well, it's all about self-sufficiency. About teenage lads learning the skills that men should have, and setting out - one item at a time - to equip themselves with the tools and assets that men should have. In our Deus Vult book series, we explain the dark times ahead, that there are no "Knights on White Horses" riding to the rescue and that personal initiative, responsibility and team-building are vital to get through what is coming.

Knowing how to tie three useful knots will not IN ITSELF a big difference to more than one in ten thousand people, but it's a PRINCIPLE and potentially the beginning of a life-changing and potentially life-saving HABIT: To acquire and impart 'traditional' skills and knowledge - the things that our ancestors had to do to live on the frontier or in the hard times that were standard for most people before the brief period of consumer luxury and ease in which we all grew up.

Because the easy times have GONE. They've been given away, or stolen, by the Elite, and they're not coming back. If you want to live, to raise a family, to preserve a modicum of happiness and freedom, from now on you have to be ready to DO IT YOURSELF. So making a point of learning a new skill or acquiring one practical 'prepping' asset every week is something that's REALLY IMPORTANT. If you can already tie and use these knots, good on you, find something you can't yet do and study and practice that instead. But if good working knots are something strange to you, put that right NOW.

And, when you've done that, find some other manly or truly womanly (depending on which of the only two sexes you were born with!) skill, and learn that. Go to it!