Top Clinic Sounds Gender-Bending Alarm

Top Clinic Sounds Gender-Bending Alarm

Puberty blockers had devastating effects on adolescent boys’ bodies and fertility, and some boys even began ‘gender transitioning’ as young as two years old, according a shocking new study from the Mayo Clinic, the top US clinic dealing with drug and surgical sex change operations.

The new study from the Mayo Clinic adds further evidence that puberty blockers are not reversible and can in fact create long-lasting consequences.

It also shows how gender ideology continues to infect children at a younger and younger age – according to the study, the Mayo Clinic saw a two-year-old who it claimed had gender dysphoria.

The study included 16 gender dysphoric males who took puberty blockers. “Two out of 9 PB-treated patients exhibited abnormalities: one had bilateral abnormal testicles with a lack of complete tunica albuginea, while another had a right testis that was not easily palpable,” the study found.

The researchers were able to compare the cells from these males with others who did not use puberty blockers to create a control group.

The Mayo Clinic team found “mild-to-severe sex gland atrophy” in the cells of boys who had taken puberty blockers. A 12-year-old boy in the study had “59 % of sex glands fully atrophied with appearance of microlithiasis.”

“Testicular microlithiasis…is a condition in which small clusters of calcium form in the testicles,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

A 14-year-old boy also showed “stunted” sperm production.

Independent journalist Christina Buttons, who regularly covers the harms of transgender drugs and surgeries, wrote in her analysis:

"The study observed that over 90% of the cells responsible for sperm production in this patient were stunted at an early developmental stage, unable to progress further. Additionally, it found “pathologically” higher and lower levels of two types of support cells (Sertoli cells) necessary for healthy sperm development. These findings suggest that puberty blockers can disrupt the normal maturation process of cells critical for sperm production."

The facts undermine the claims from the medical establishment, including the Mayo Clinic itself, that injecting gender-confused kids with drugs at a young age will have minimal side effects.

It is not possible for someone to change his or her sex. However, plenty of evidence suggests to undermine the advisability of taking these drugs even for someone who falsely believes sex can be changed.

Drugs taken by gender-confused individuals have been linked to depression, suicide, infertility, and bone density loss.

A doctor who helped develop the world Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards even said during 2022 conference that puberty blockers are not actually fully reversible.

“There’s challenges with puberty suppression that we have to acknowledge and that’s why it’s ‘reversible asterisks,’” Dr. Scott Leibowitz said. “One cannot be on puberty suppression endlessly. You get to a place where physiologically we need hormones.”