Traditional Outcry Stops Sale of ‘Rainbow Poppies’

Traditional Outcry Stops Sale of ‘Rainbow Poppies’

An outcry from furious patriots has forced an LGBTQ eBay seller to stop selling deeply offensive “rainbow poppies”.  

The disrespectful seller had been raking in £6 (nearly $8) for every badge sold – and while the proceeds of the sale of the traditional red Remembrance poppies goes to help disabled veterans, she failed to reveal where the money from her distasteful rip-off is going.

Critics took to social media to complain, urging the LGBT+ community to "get some respect".

Twitter user Cait wrote "I’m not in anyway homophobic, but this is getting beyond!

"The RED poppy is in memory of ALL soldiers during the war. The poem Flanders fields states why.

"Pride has a whole month to raise awareness. Soldiers who died and fought for us have one MINUTE a year. Get some respect!"

Twitter user abigailjames added: "hate me, but LGBTQ+ have a whole month dedicated to them for once in your fucking lives think about other people and stop making everything about sexuality.

"Let the people who fought for their country have that ONE day to themselves, do not even try to make it about sexuality".