Traitor Generals Urge Anti-Trump Coup

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Traitor Generals Urge Anti-Trump Coup

The push for postal voting is only the first half of the latest Democrat plot to seize power in America. Knowing that the massive leftist fraud that postal votes facilitate would make November's election totally invalid, they are also preparing to prevent President Trump from contesting the fake 'result'.

The most powerful man in the US military, General Milley, has just been urged to remove the President from office by force in the event of his daring to resist the Democrats' plan for the worst and most blatant election-rigging in American history.

This is treason against the entire spirit of the Constitution and spits on the grave of every single American who died or suffered for the cause of liberty. It also nudges America another lurch down the road towards civil war. Be warned! And be ready!

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