NHS Confederation draw up 'trans ally' guide for hospitals

NHS Confederation draw up 'trans ally' guide for hospitals

NHS leaders in the UK are drawing up a trans guide for hospitals that will include how to fight 'anti-trans' groups and use 'inclusive language'. 

NHS Confederation — a charity representing health service bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland — is advertising a £20,000 contract to create a practical guide to being a 'trans and non-binary ally'. 

The charity, which is an influential lobby group for the NHS which hospitals pay to be a member of, is run by Matthew Taylor, a former political adviser to Sir Tony Blair.

It is unclear if the tender will be funded directly by NHS membership contributions, essentially at the cost of the taxpayer, or from other sources.    

NHS Confederation's 'Trans Allyship' project seeks to review several aspects such as trans people's rights in law and discrimination they face.

It will also include recommendations on the use of 'inclusive terminology' in the health service.

This, the tender claims, will help senior healthcare leaders have the 'knowledge and the confidence' to be 'meaningful' allies, the charity says. 

It adds this guide should also include 'ideas for supporting NHS organisations when they face opposition from anti-trans groups and individuals.'

The tender closes on August 29, with the charity saying they would like to present the guide in February next year in time for LGBTQ+ History Month.

NHS bodies are increasingly coming under fire for their use of 'inclusive' gender-neutral terms which tend to erase or omit the terms 'women' or 'girls'.

Some examples have seen NHS guidance on periods use terms like 'people who bleed' instead of 'women' or 'girls'.

Other NHS guidance for conditions like the menopause, which is unique to biological females, have also gone through a 'woke' desexing.

An old version of NHS Digital said menopause is 'when a woman stops having periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally'. 

But the new gender neutral version now says: 'Menopause is when your periods stop due to lower hormone levels'.