Trans Boycott Needed Now More Than Ever

Trans Boycott Needed Now More Than Ever

Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney wrecked the Bud brand after the brewing giant used the woman-denying freak in a disastrous attempt to promote its already substandard 'beer'. And now a new crop of woke businesses have put their necks and profits on the block.

The great brand-destroyer teased 10-million-plus TikTok followers this week with a 'surprise.' His new offering portrays life for girls as a long round of consumerism, pill-popping, casual and anonymous sex, and drinking.

his simpered lyrics include lines like: 'Monday, can't get out of bed … Tuesday morning, pick up meds … Wednesday, retail therapy … 'Cash or credit?' I say, 'Yes' … Thursday, had a walk of shame … Didn't even know his namе… Friday night, I'll overspend… Saturday, we flirt for drinks.'

This comes from a person who's been honoured byJoe Biden as a role model for LGBTQ youth.

Does the White House endorse the suggestion that girls drink alcohol, take copious amounts of pills and have sex with anonymous partners? Someone should ask if they plan to have Mulvaney back to the Oval Office.

Young women are facing a mental health crisis. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that teen girls feel sadder, lonelier, and more hopeless than ever.

Mulvaney's millions of followers - many of whom are no doubt children and teens - would surely benefit from a more positive example. But instead Mulvaney appears to revel in this national emergency singing, 'Sunday, the Twilight soundtrack cues my breakdown in the bath,' while sinking lower in the water.

It's not helpful to tell girls that perpetual victimhood is something aspirational, nor is it healthy to suggest substance abuse or reckless sexual behavior is a legitimate coping mechanism.

But Mulvaney is only the mouthpiece here. The real villains are the big name multinationals which are using him in their advertising. After all, it's there money which funds and encourages his twisted antics. Ulta, Nike, Crest and Kate Spade are the best known of the brands collaborating with this anti-normal poison. You know what to do!