Trans Lawfare Bully Targets Baker

Trans Lawfare Bully Targets Baker

The pressure is growing on Christian business owners in the USA. Ten years after a pair of homosexual activists made his life hell with a lawsuit over his refusal to bake them a cake, Christian baker Jack Phillips is under a new lawfare attack.

This time, the shakedown bully is a male lawyer who claims to be a woman. And instead of telling him to get medical aid for his psychological problem,  a Colorado district court just ruled that the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop will be forced to bake cakes celebrating transgender ideology.

Autumn Scardina, a male attorney who pretends to be a woman, demanded that Phillips create a cake celebrating his “transition.” Upon being refused, Scardina sued Phillips.

“The request was for a custom-designed cake, pink on the inside and blue on the outside, to reflect and celebrate a gender transition,” Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a legal organization protecting religious freedom, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Phillips’ shop declined the request because the customer specifically requested that the cake express messages and celebrate an event in conflict with Phillips’ religious beliefs,” ADF continued.

“Jack Phillips serves all people but shouldn’t be forced to create custom cakes with messages that violate his conscience,” ADF stated. “The harassment of people like Jack … has been occurring for nearly a decade and must stop.”

ADF pledged to continue to fight this decision, saying, “We will appeal this decision and continue to defend the freedom of all Americans to peacefully live and work according to their deeply held beliefs without fear of punishment.”

Critising the latest activist/court attack on freedom, Catholic Vote tweeted, “See how this works? If you are a major corporation like Twitter, Salesforce, the NCAA, or MLB, you can refuse to do business with anyone you like — even an entire state. But conscientious small business owners must be destroyed until they surrender.”

We wonder whether Mr. Phillips shouldn't just make the cake - and include a healthy dose of laxative in the secret recipe....