Trans-Obsessed Teachers Bully Children

Trans-Obsessed Teachers Bully Children

UK children are becoming confused after being constantly quizzed by teachers over gender confusion and punishing them if they 'accidentally misgender' people. Shockingly, however, the push-back against trans teachers bullying innocent children is being organised not by straight parents or Christians, but from the lesbian former allies of the deranged trans activists.

It has been left to parents and former teachers speaking at the LGB Alliance conference in central London to speak out about 'activist teachers' who are promoting gender ideology in schools.

One parent from Brighton claimed a young woman thought she was a boy at school because teachers questioned pupils at least once a term to ask if they were confused about their gender.

The same parents also said activist teachers had written to the head teacher at a school to say they would go against the head's instructions not to use a child's preferred pronouns, The Telegraph reported.

In another example, a teacher at a Brighton school told pupils she was non-binary and didn't need to wear sanitary protection.

Instead, the teacher wears white, very tight linen clothes when she menstruates. This means the blood shows through in order to generate a 'conversation with the kids'.

Also, a parent who runs PSHE Brighton, a campaign group for families worried about sex education in schools, said Year 7s were given punishments 'two years in a row' for misgendering a teacher in the first three days at school.

She said: 'We've had Year 7s who are innocently going 'Yes miss, I'll do that'.

'Bang, they are in what's called a non-detention - like lockdown, something like that where they lock them up after school.

'Two years in a row the Year 7s have been given this punishment for misgendering this teacher in their first three days at school.'

The government has promised guidance on trans issues since 2018 and is expected to publish it by the end of the year - after missing its own deadline at the end of the summer term.

Kate Barker, chief executive of the LGB Alliance, said: 'Teachers and parents have been waiting six years for schools' trans guidance.

'This delay has been exploited by gender identity activist organisations to introduce unscientific, unevidenced, and over-sexualised teaching resources into schools.'

The cowardice of Britain's so-called 'Conservative' government is as shocking as the failure of normal parents to kick up such a fuss that the trans freaks are forced to crawl back under their stones. Or to withdraw their children from the toxic mainstream education system and set up their own home-schooling networks instead.