Transgender Chemicals = Industrial Child Abuse

Transgender Chemicals = Industrial Child Abuse

With more and more schools teaching 'gender theory' insanity as if it were scientific fact, the number of (often autistic) children deciding that they are 'transgender' is exploding all across the Western world. With Big Pharma scenting big profits in turning children into life-long 'medical' drug users, more and more doctors and clinics are ready to put children on so called puberty-blockers on demand. 

Yet what is presented as a benign and reversible intervention is in fact industrialised child abuse. Because the truth is that puberty-blockers have extremely dangerous and irreversible consequences. A whole generation of mentally disturbed children are being chemically castrated and sterilised, turned into often desperately unhappy freaks of nature and playthings for older sexual predators.

Children are taught they can simply “transition” to the other sex and this will cause their problems to go away. A huge percentage of these kids are on the autism spectrum. We know from the Tavistock in England that 372 out of 1069 children had “moderate or severe autistic traits.”  

Historically, gender dysphoria was very rare and affected one out of thousands. The vast majority of these children with severe and prolonged gender dysphoria grew out of it. The majority grew up to identify as homosexual.

But their own natural hormones that come with puberty were the cure for their dysphoria. Now, gender clinics are simply affirming all of these children, blocking their hormones, and starting them down a medical pathway which causes irreversible harm.  

One of the side effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones is infertility. Our society is blatantly sterilising children.

Dr. Marci Bowers, a trans-identified male and the president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, has recently admitted that all of the boys who start on puberty blockers at Tanner stage 2 will never have any sexual function.  

Our society is taking a generation of “gender non-conforming” and neurodivergent kids and turning them into infertile, anorgasmic, lifelong medical patients forever reliant on exogenous hormones. 

For girls, after four or five years on testosterone, many of them have to get hysterectomies because of the vaginal and uterine atrophy that it causes. Some are even getting oophorectomies where their ovaries are removed. If they decide to “detransition” in the future, they can no longer produce estrogen. It is also considered “gender-affirming care” to cut off the breasts of children. No, they do not have to wait until they are 18.

The consent forms that children sign literally state that we do not have the long-term information associated with these treatments. If we don’t have the information, how can a child possibly give “informed consent.”

This pernicious 'industry' is worth big bucks, but the transgender fetish isn't just about money. Encouraging the idea that we humans can remake ourselves is very much feeding into the global technocratic elite's transhumanist obession. And, of course, sterilising children, like the promotion of abortion and homosexuality, advances their parallel agenda for the drastic reduction of the 'human herd'. Above all, it is a deliberate and conscious part of their war on God, through mutilating or even destroying His most precious creation.