Transgender Threat to Young [video]

Transgender Threat to Young [video]

The trans movement is spreading like a malignant cancer; until recently a problem so obscure as to appear irrelevant, it is now ruining the lives of more and more young girls and their families. In this eye-opening video, Abigail Shrier, the author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, discusses the explosion of teenage girls identifying as transgender. She also discuss how the trans movement is destroying an entire generation of girls and how this sinister ideology has spread so quickly. 

Shrier also tells parents it’s a myth that suicide rates increase in kids who aren’t allowed to “transition.” The suicide rate for kids with gender dysphoria is the same for kids with other mental health issues. Often, transgender kids have other underlying mental health issues that aren’t resolved by “transitioning.” 

To stop the rapid spread of transgender ideology, Shrier recommends parents getting their kids out of public school. Schools are indoctrinating kids with transgender ideology from a very young age. Being bombarded by this year after year is truly confusing our children, she notes.  

Shrier also encourages parents to take away social media completely and reminds parents that they are still in charge. When your 12-year-old wants to “transition,” parents need to do what is best for their child, in the same way a parent wouldn’t let a 3-year-old eat an entire package of cookies because the child wants to.