Triumphant LGBTQ Lobby Pushes For Persecution Of Christian Therapists

Triumphant LGBTQ Lobby Pushes For Persecution Of Christian Therapists

People who want to escape from the unhealthy and immoral ‘lifestyle’ of homosexuality will be stripped of the right to get help in going straight if bigoted pro-homosexualist senior Church of England bishops get their way.


The meddling clergy are opposing treatments that can help people to turn straight. ‘Gay cure’ therapies range from counselling to having normal sex with someone of the opposite gender. LGBTQ propagandists condemn this as ‘corrective rape’, using a shockingly emotive term which totally ignores the fact that the individuals undergoing the therapy do so voluntarily, because they want to change.

Britain’s supposedly ‘conservative’ government is also in on the anti-normal act. After heavy lobbying by LGBTQ+ groups, the Tories launched a 75 point LGBT Action Plan costing £4.5million, and among other pledges, promised to ban the therapies.

The plan particularly noted that faith organisations are most likely to carry out the treatments.

Last year the Church of England’s General Synod endorsed a motion saying the practice is ‘unethical, potentially harmful and has no place in the modern world’.

It all goes to prove that we traditional Christians were right all along when we warned that LGBTQ+ political and court victories do not herald a new era of ‘tolerance’, but a time of great INtolerance, and the growing persecution of Christians, traditionalists and heterosexuals…..