Trump's Surrender To Globalism

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Trump's Surrender To Globalism

Two key campaign pledges broken in under two weeks! What sort of pressures are the Washington ‘elite’ putting on Donald Trump to push him to break trust with his core support base?


First the President abandoned his ‘beautiful wall’, and now he has launched a new Arms Race with Russia, something which is directly against his election promises to break with gthe sabre-rattling Russophobia of Obama and Hillary Clinton..

The first is a grotesque climbdown in the face of liberal dogma and Democrat shutdown blackmail. The second shows total surrender to the neo-con warmongers and the lobbyists of the greedy and criminally irresponsible military-industrial complex.

Perhaps he thinks that such backtracking will win him the favour of the corporate media and get the Establishment lynch mob off his back. Sadly, the truth is that such weakness or cynicism in the face of globalist pressure won’t protect him or make them stop; it will only make them push harder.

In reality, Donald Trump’s only hope of surviving, let alone going down in History as a President who kept his promises and Made America Great Again, would have been to call out the pro-immigration liberals and military-industrial complex corporations for the criminals they are, and issue a rallying call to the American people to join him in defying themand beating them. Instead, he appears to have decided to join them.

The KTI Facebook network worked hard to help get Donald Trump elected, and we still regard him as a better choice than Hillary Clinton would have been. She would have dragged America into a shooting war with Russia in Syria within weeks. But now that Trump has surrendered to the same sinister forces that backed Killary, the threat of catastrophic war is once again hanging over us all.

The election of Donald Trump brought the world time, a breathing space and hope that the forces of Good could still triumph through the political process. By breaking his solemn pledges and surrendering to the demands of the forces of greed and evil, he has not just shattered the trust of his loyal support base, he has turned the Doomsday Clock forward to one minute to midnight.

Pray to God that he gives the President of the United States the insight into the folly of his present course, and the courage to deliver on his promises to secure an American America at peace with the rest of the world. For that would now take a Miracle, and God alone can grant these things!


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