Trump Saves Christian foster agency

Trump Saves Christian foster agency

Miracle Hill Ministries, which only places children with Christian households, received a waiver from the Trump administration to continue to operate.


The South Carolina agency had requested an exemption to a federal ‘anti-discrimination’ rule which – like all such leftist social engineering diktats – actually discriminates against and persecutes Christians.

“Miracle Hill’s sincere religious exercise would be substantially burdened by application of the religious nondiscrimination requirement,” the Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families told South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster.

The fact that the President has issued a waiver is of course a good thing. But the fact that he had to is just one more sign of the power and success of the unholy (and sometimes uneasy) alliance of leftist, liberal, Talmudist, Islamist and corporate elites to de-Christianize America.

It also serves us as a warning as to what will happen when – one way or another – Donald Trump is replaced by a Democrat (unless it’s Tulsi Gabbard) or an elite-approved Republican puppet. For the election of Trump was a last gasp reaction by Majority, Christian America; once it is over, the storm will truly break. Prepare to batten down the hatches, because by backing down on The Wall The Donald just signalled (barring a near miraculous turn-around) an unwillingness to take on the liberal elite and a refusal to do what it would take to stop the destruction of the USA.