Twisted Abortionist Mocks Christmas

Twisted Abortionist Mocks Christmas

It wouldn’t be a 21st century Christmas if there wasn’t some obnoxious supporter of child-murder for profit or ugly, fanatical feminist posting memes fantasising about the Virgin Mary having an abortion.

While such show-boating is deeply offensive to all Christians, it does at least have the merit of reminding us that abortion advocacy and hatred of Christianity are nearly always inextricably intertwined.  It very often goes far beyond simply making money from abortions and selling body parts.

Sometimes the motivation behind such grossness is openly Satanic; the blood of innocent babies is especially pleasing, they believe, to the powers of darkness; many feminists in particular are also self-confessed witches and – in their more arrogant moments – will acknowledge that abortion is a very thin cover for child-sacrifice.

It is also about ideas. Abortion ideology is predicated on the idea that we must not sacrifice for others, and the Christmas story is the ultimate rebuke to that idea.

This year, however, one of the latter day Herods went even further. Pro-abortion activist Michael Saenz tweeted a picture of a Christmas tree at an abortion factory topped by serrated abortion forceps instead of the traditional star or angel. He accompanied his now deleted post with the hashtags #ProAbortion, #Abortions and #Christmas

Serrated forceps are used to clamp on babies’ arms and legs so as to tear them limb from limb in their mothers’ wombs.

Ghoulish Saenz runs a company which sells clothes glorifying child-murder by promoting sick slogans such as ‘abortions are magical’ and ‘abortions today tomorrow and forevermore’.

Even the language abortion activists use reflects the fact that their worldview is antithetical to the Christmas message. This is my body, broken for you, said the Saviour. My body, my choice—and we will sacrifice any who interfere with our lives, say the abortion activists. The abortion worldview is merely a perverse inversion of the Gospel message, the triumph of selfishness and bloodshed over innocence and beauty. They will deny it. They try to dress up their message in the language of rights. But the truth is incontrovertible. The result of an abortion is a dead baby. That is the point of abortion. That is why people get them.

When abortion activists, who traffic in death, misery, and regret, wish everyone a happy holidays, I suspect they know that it rings hollow. The abortion industry is responsible for millions of empty places at millions of tables. Their forceps and needles have stopped hearts and broken hearts, and the holiday season often reminds those who made this awful choice of those who are not with them. Planned Parenthood and their abortion allies have it all wrong. Success, to an abortion activist (and to Satan), is an empty cradle and a full grave. The essence of the Christmas story is a full cradle and an empty grave.