The most twisted interpretation of the Bible

The most twisted interpretation of the Bible

A modern and repugnant version of the Bible - The Modern Standard Version: Holy Bible Pride Edition has been published, giving a most twisted version of the Holy Book.

According to publishers, the book is the worlds first "affirming and inclusive" bible which features the Old and New Testament.

An overview of the book states that: "Anglo-Saxon words such as sin and Hell (which are not Hebrew or Greek words) have been replaced case by case with the proper English words.

"Also, there were six scriptures known as 'the clobber scriptures' that have been used to hate, condemn and exclude the LGBTQ community.

"Those six passages have nothing to do with homosexuality. Yet, the reason why they claim to do those things is because they say they hate "sin". It's not sin they hate, it's homosexuals!"

There's certainly nothing holy about twisting Scripture to suit your sinful lifestyle.

The pride bible has received a one star rating on American bookseller site, Barnes and Noble.