Two Brits Stabbed As One Of Macron’s ‘Children’ Goes On Rampage

Two British tourists were among seven wounded after an Afghan man carrying child immigration documents went on a knife rampage through Paris last night.

The attacker, who is in his 30s, stabbed three people outside a cinema in the north-east of the city just before 11pm, fled, then stabbed four more before being arrested.

At one point a group of brave petanque players threw metal boules at the man in an attempt to disarm him, hitting him four times in the head, but he managed to run off and attack others before finally being stopped by police.

‘He is unconscious in hospital in Paris, and has not spoken since the attack, but he was carrying immigration documents issued to an Afghan minor,’ said a source close to the investigation.

Officers said the man targeted strangers during his rampage but absurdly have claimed that “there is no link to terror at this stage”.

The incident highlights yet again the dangerous absurdity of the EU’s soft migration policy.

It also proves yet again the need for European nations to follow the example of Israel and allow law-abiding majority citizens to carry concealed handguns in order to stop terrorists in their tracks, rather than waiting and being helpless victims until the police arrive. A 38 Magnum is always going to be more effective than a petanque ball or pool cue!

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