UK 'Extremism' Clampdown Threatens Christians

UK 'Extremism' Clampdown Threatens Christians

Christians and traditionalist patriots are going to be the main victims of the UK government's new plan to "tackle extremism". This is because, when they talk of "extremism", they don't mean violence or terrorism, but a refusal to accept liberal 'values' such as 'trans rights', the sexualisation of children, replacement immigration and conscription for foreign wars that our none of our business.

The Government is set to announce plans to widen its definition of extremism to include those who are deemed to “undermine” ‘British Values’.

Following the Prime Minister’s pledge to tackle “acts of violence” against Jews and Muslims, Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Secretary Michael Gove is due to outline plans to block groups deemed to be ‘extremist’ under the new definition from accessing venues or public funding.

According to The Times, senior Whitehall sources figures are warning that the changes are “legally fraught” and will “provoke tensions” with gender critical (i.e. realist) groups and religious groups who campaign against issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

Christians, pro-lifers and concerned parents will all be endangered by this deliberately vague legislation which threatens our historic liberties of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Writing on X, Christian MP Miriam Cates said: “This is a slippery slope towards the abolition of fundamental freedoms. What does it even mean to ‘undermine British values’ when there is no consensus – and certainly no legal definition – of what those values are?”

“Worth noting that attempts to enforce ‘British values’ in schools have led to a woke crusade where what many consider to be ‘extremist’ views on sex, gender & race have taken precedence over biological & historical fact and where teachers & pupils are frightened to speak out.”

Lord Frost of Allenton agreed, saying: “What we need is proper enforcement of the laws we have against, for example, incitement to violence.”

The Telegraph’s Sam Ashworth-Hayes added: “It’s worth remembering that schemes like this are drawn up with Islamists in mind, and then staffed by civil servants who think opposition to self-ID is a hate crime.”

Of course, these laws are NOT "drawn up with Islamists in mind", but imposed with Islamists as the excuse. The real targets are people like us.