Only 40 people turn up to UK March For Choice, thousands turn up to UK March For Life

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Only 40 people turn up to UK March For Choice, thousands turn up to UK March For Life

Only around 40 people attended the UK ‘March for Choice’ held in London this Saturday. Meanwhile, the UK March for Life is reported to have had thousands attend. 

The ‘March for Choice’ was organised as a counter to the UK March for Life scheduled for the same time.

The event had been advertised significantly by a variety of ‘pro-choice’ social media channels and by a number of organisations.

Abortion Rights UK posted a Facebook Event to advertise the gathering, which received 9 responses out of their page’s 5,061 followers.

The group shouted at the pro-life demonstrators throughout the march, and during the concluding speeches in parliament square. They continued to shout and scream throughout an emotional speech given by a woman who had been pressured into an at-home medical abortion aged 19. 

Several speeches took place in which current legislation’s restriction on abortions after24 weeks of pregnancy was lamented. 

What this poor turnout indicates is that there is incredibly low support for extreme policies – such as introducing abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth – supported by many pro-choice activists. This is mirrored in polling, which shows that just 1% of the general population supports the goal of pro-choice campaigners’ to introduce abortion up-to-birth.


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