UK Media Put Ukraine on Back-Burner

UK Media Put Ukraine on Back-Burner

The UK media has suddenly made a drastic cutback in its coverage of the war in Ukraine. The sudden shift is a very significant change from the wall-to-wall coverage to which readers and viewers have been subjected for the last eight months.

For the first time since March, the biggest online newspaper in the English-speaking world - the Daily Mail - has dropped 'Ukraine News' from its list of main story short-cut links.

This follows last night's phenomenon of a whole evening of BBC news & newspaper reviews without a single mention of Ukraine or Russia. Meanwhile, even the ultra-Russophobic Guardian has only one story today in its prominent 'Ukraine War' section, and even that is a non-news story about life in Kherson several months ago.

This is a VERY clear sign either that the MSM's security service advisors/handlers expect an overwhelming amount of bad news out of the Ukraine in the near future, or that a decision has been made to put the brakes on the war propaganda drive because they know that Nato has lost its proxy war and needs an off-ramp.

The increasingly one-sided war is still raging. The appalling conditions now being endured by Ukrainian soldiers, effectively abandoned to their fate (see the screenshot illustrating the story, because it's typical of the reality for the leaderless, listless conscripts, with filthy weapons and conditions which will hospitalise or kill even more men than Russian shells once the weather gets even colder) are news.

The relentless destruction of the continued piecemeal and suicidal local attacks by  brave but doomed Ukrainian/mercenary forces should still be news. The inexorable build-up of huge numbers of fresh, well-equipped Russian forces should be news. The fact that more than half of Nato state militaries have run out of shells, while even the USA, Germany, France and Britain are also unable to replenish their dwindling stocks should be news. The preparations for the 'evacuation' of millions of refugees/asylum-seekers from Ukraine's dark and freezing cities to the European Union should be big news.

So this sudden lack of 'news' is very good news. This is not just "Ukraine fatigue ", it is the liberal elite preparing the public for very different times ahead. We on this site, and our colleagues on the Templar Report, have been telling you for several months now that the 'mainstream' propaganda about Ukraine 'winning the war' was nonsense - and unsustainable nonsense at that. No you are about to see our analysis confirmed. Yet again!