UN Trans Cronyism EXPOSED

UN Trans Cronyism EXPOSED

A UN panel setting global care standards for trans adults has been accused of cronyism, with four fifths of its members being flagged for conflicts of interest and even of having a financial stake in the group's work. The less-than-surprising, but still welcome, truth has been exposed as a result of the Lesbian vs Trans civil war which is tearing the LGBTQ 'movement' apart.

The LGBT Courage Coalition, a US-based campaign group, has accused the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) of appointing experts who are set to gain from the guidelines they're tasked with writing.

Jamie Reed, a former case manager at a Missouri trans clinic who blew the whistle on kids being fast-tracked onto puberty blockers, bashed WHO for appointing panelists with a financial stake in the work.

Several are medical professionals with practices that provide cross-sex hormones and other care to trans people, and stand to gain from such care becoming more widespread, it is alleged.

Some 13 members of the panel have 'significant' conflicts of interest and another three appear to be compromised, she said in a report.

WHO should kick them out and let in people with a wider range of expertise, including in autism, which may contribute to gender dysphoria, and people who have transitioned and later come to regret it, she added.

Another group, the Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine (SEGM), agreed, saying the conflicts of interest could 'interfere' with members' 'ability to impartially assess the evidence and issue evidence-based recommendations.'

SEGM said this was likely by design — that WHO chose experts on one side of a hotly-contested medical debate to deliver guidelines that promote affirmation-on-demand, drugs and surgeries for trans people.

big medical groups have been hijacked by trans ideologues, and that some people who identify as trans would benefit more from counseling than being fast-tracked onto drugs and surgery.

Clinicians who devise guidelines for gender-affirming care are chiefly focussed on helping patients and medical ethics.

But there are big financial implications to standards that will influence the WHO's 194 member nations.

Cross sex-hormones cost as much as $2,500 each year for US trans patients.

A complete gender-reassignment surgical package can easily exceed $100,000.

Making gender-affirming care more widely available could boost the profits of drugmakers and care providers by millions — or even billions — of dollars.

several WHO panelists stand to gain personally from costly drugs and procedures being rolled out more widely.

They include Gale Knudson, a medical doctor and psychiatrist in Vancouver, Canada, whose 'practice consists largely of approving patients for gender-affirming care,' the group said.

Another is Walter Bockting, a doctor of psychiatry and researcher with the New York State Psychiatric Institute, who is compromised because 'his clinical practice is focused on the provision of gender-affirming hormones,' the group says.

Likewise, Walter Bouman of Britain, Elma de Vries and Chris McLachlan of South Africa, Apako Williams of Uganda, and Rena Janamnuaysoo of Thailand all work for clinics that profit from gender care, it is claimed.

Alicia Krüger, a trained pharmacist in Brazil, would benefit from WHO recommending the wider use of cross-sex hormones, as she consults for the Brazilian government on this issue. Other panelists draw salaries from organizations that promote gender-affirming care.

The World Health Organisation, of course, was the driver behind the globalist push to exploit the Covid 'pandemic' for a worldwide wealth and power grab. It is closely allied with Klaus Schwab's World Economic forum, which sees transgenderism as a 'gateway' to transhumanism and the blasphemous creation of new forms of hybrid human/computer life by highly profitable corporations.