US Army Medic Exposes Vaccine Dangers

US Army Medic Exposes Vaccine Dangers

A senior U.S. army doctor said that COVID vaccines are more dangerous to the health of American soldiers than COVID itself after she grounded “three out of three soldiers” in only one morning due to adverse reactions to the vaccine. The news comes as mainstream fake news media outlets are struggling desperately to keep the public on board with vax mandate regimes around the world.

Lt. Col. Theresa Long is a senior U.S. army aerospace medicine specialist who testified at an expert panel on vaccine injuries organized by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin on November 2 in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Long has repeatedly warned against the risks of adverse events posed by the mRNA vaccines and in September filed an affidavit against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for service members.

Long gave a 15-minute testimony about COVID vaccines adverse events experienced by soldiers and denounced the efforts of the U.S. army to conceal them.

“I believe the COVID vaccine is a greater threat to soldier’s health and military readiness than the virus itself,” she told the panel.


US soldiers used as ‘lab rats’ and asked to get the jab or leave – impact on combat readiness

Long began by denouncing the treatment of American soldiers who were pressured into taking the COVID vaccine or face being taken out of uniform.

She condemned the practice and explained that, in terms of combat readiness, taking soldiers out of uniform is equivalent to losing them on the battlefield.

“Over 200,000 U.S. members have rejected the vaccine, yet the military is pressing forward without regard to damage to the moral and [military] readiness. We have never lost 200,000 soldiers on the battlefield in a few months,” she said.

In May, Long attended the U.S. Army’s Senior Preventive Medicine Leadership Course, where she expressed her concerns to senior leaders about the rushed manner in which the vaccines were trialed and then imposed on U.S. soldiers.

“We skipped two years of phase two trials and three years of phase three trials, we only lost 12 active-duty soldiers to COVID, and yet we’re going to risk the health of the entire fighting force on a vaccine we only had two months of safety data on?” she asked.

The response from the leadership was “you’re damn right, Colonel, and you’re going to get every soldier you can to take the vaccine so I can get enough data points to determine if the vaccine is safe.”

Long was shocked that service members who give their life to their country were being used as guinea pigs.

“Our service members are national treasures,” she said.

“They have stared down bullets, been blown up by IEDs and bombs, they have endured thankless and protracted wars, missing the birth of their children. They bore the burden no matter the cost. They did so without respect to political party or narrative. These are warriors, not lab rats!” she added.

Long’s first encounter with an adverse event and VAERS data

Long then recalled her first encounter with a vaccine adverse advent, which took place right from the onset of the vaccine rollout, when one of her colleagues, desirous to protect her elderly parents from COVID, took the vaccine and soon experienced fever, acute pain, and a complete loss of motion in her arm for more than a week.

“That was the first time I looked in the vaccine adverse event reporting system to see if her symptoms were common,” Long recalled.

“What I found horrified me,” she said.

“I found that the VAERS, in only a few months into the vaccination campaign, already had more deaths than in any year for all vaccines combined in each of the 10 years previously.”

Coercion of soldiers and violation of medical ethics

Long subsequently went to Fort Benning, a U.S. army base located at the border of Alabama and Georgia. There, she received testimonies from soldiers who told her how they had been pressured to take the vaccine.

I encountered numerous soldiers who told me of threats, coercion and intimidation to get the vaccine that were at that time still under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization),” she recalled, and explained that “this violated medical ethics, specifically the Nuremberg code.”

Long later inquired about adverse events and was shocked to learn that no monitoring of adverse events was occurring at the time.

When I emailed Army Public Health Command and asked about adverse events, the epidemiologist emailed me back and told me that they were not tracking, tracing or monitoring adverse events,” she said.