Vax Fails in Gibraltar but Austria Makes it COMPULSORY

Vax Fails in Gibraltar but Austria Makes it COMPULSORY

Austria is set to become the first Western nation to make Covid vaccines compulsory for everyone as the government scrapped its 'vaccine apartheid' rules in favour of a full nationwide lockdown today.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced that, from February 1, everyone will be legally required to have a Covid vaccine. He did not make it clear which age groups will be included, though it is assumed there will be exemptions for the very young and those who have already been found to be allergic to the jabs.

Health Minister Wolfgang Muckstein said the government has consulted with constitutional lawyers who believe the move is legal. He added that 'violators' will likely face fines in the first instance rather than criminal penalties, but that details still need to be fleshed out. 

Austria's fully-jabbed rate currently stands at 66 per cent, slightly above the European average of 62 per cent. It reported 15,809 new cases Friday - another one-day record - with an infection rate of just under one per cent, one of Europe's highest. 

Schallenberg blamed people who have decided that the risk of vaccination injuries outweighs the slim chance of getting Covid and being badly effected by it.  

'Whipped up by radical anti-vaxxers, by fake news, too many among us didn't get vaccinated. The results are overcrowded intensive care units and enormous suffering,' he added, accusing the un-jabbed of launching an 'attack on the health system.'

Within hours of the draconian threat, the police and army unions of Austria announced that their members would refuse to enforce the vaxx mandate. Senior officers also said they would refuse to act to prevent a massive 'illegal' demonstration against the proposal, which will swamp Austrian streets today.

The looming clash between freedom-lovers with army and police support on one side, and the New World Order puppet regime on the other, could spin off into the biggest political and social crisis in Austria since World War Two. Other covid lockdown regimes around the world will be watching closely, as will opponents of forced vaccination. The arguments of latter have been bolstered over the last few days by the situation in Gibraltar.

With 100% of all adults having had at least one jab, the small island state is the most heavily vaccinated in the entire world. Despite this, however, its Covid-19 infection rate is now well over three times the EU average. Add in the rising number of double-jabbed patients dying of Covid, and soaring awareness of adverse reactions to the jab among young people, and it is clear that the jab-happy elite have a real problem on their hands in imposing fresh waves of tyranny on increasingly wary and even angry populations.