Viktor Orban: Hungary will live!

Viktor Orban: Hungary will live!

HUNGARY has launched a fresh defence of traditional European Europe by slashing taxes and offering interest-free loans to mothers and young couples in a bid to boost the number of births in the country.

Anti-immigration Hungarian President Viktor Orban has unveiled his Government’s latest plan to keep the country’s birth rate from falling without relying on non-European immigration. Mr Orban said Hungary has found a different solution than the one being adopted by “the West”. Western countries, he said, found the answer to falling birth rates in Europe in Third World immigration. He said: “For every missing child, there should be one coming in and then the numbers will be fine.” However, Hungarians “think differently.”

The seven-point plan unveiled by Mr Orban to boost the birth rate in Hungary offers incentives for both mothers and young couples.

Under these plans, Hungarian mothers with four or more children will be exempted for life from paying income tax.

And young couples will be offered interest-free loans of £27,400 (10 million Hungarian forints) to be cancelled once they have three children.

The plan, which was launched during Mr Orban’s state of the nation address, included a pledge to create 21,000 nursery places over the next three years and an extra £1.94bn ($2.5bn) to be spent on the country’s healthcare system and housing subsidies.

The EU member state counting the highest fertility rate is France, set at 1.92 children per woman on average. Even that, however, is below the replacement rate of 2.1. Even more significant is that fact that France’s Muslim and African minorities have a far higher birthrate than the native French, who are thus being replaced at an alarming rate.

Spain and Italy are performing even worse than Hungary, with their fertility rates at a catastrophic 1.34, according to EU statistics agency Eurostat.

Britain’s average, like that of France, is distorted by its huge and largely young immigrant population. The native British birthrate is unknown, but is probably around an average of 1.2, with a rapidly ageing population about to drop off a demographic cliff as the baby-boomer generation starts to die off in earnest.

The wisdom of Hungary and Viktor Orban is going to become more apparent with every passing year of the West’s slide into disaster and cultural, social and ethnic collapse.