War Incoming! Army Drops Diversity Virtue-Signalling

War Incoming! Army Drops Diversity Virtue-Signalling

If there's one institution worse for 'diversity' virtue-signalling that the UK police it's the US Army. But after years of recruitment adverts aimed at little girls, strapping perverts and ethnic 'minorities', Americans are now being hit with army recruitment adverts showing just one single demographic - strong, masculine, white men. A few months ago the US Army and Marines were blatantly promoting some of the most revolting LGBTQ perversions, now they've gone back to the imagery of the 1950s.

The abrupt about turn is the strongest sign yet that the people running the USA - and indeed, the entire West - are looking forward to a real, major war. A war so big and serious that only the best soldiers will do. So out go all the diversity targets and in comes the call to arms for the same young men who have been so readily sacrificed in all the previous criminal wars into which the elite have dragged America and Britain.

The good news is that the comments section beneath the recruitment video on the Army's TwitterX account was absolutely dominated by people pointing this out. Young men were queuing up to say, in no uncertain terms, that they have no intention in going to fight for a ruling political and financial class that holds them in contempt. 

Southerners in particular pointed out that a military which has fallen over itself to purge every last trace of Confederate military prowess will have to do without the Southern men who have traditionally made up the backbone of the US military.

We await the next British Army recruitment adverts, safe in the knowledge that the same trend will emerge. And, to paraphrase the great Muhammad Ali:

"Ain't no Palestinian ever called me 'white trash' or wanted to turn my little boy into a suicidal fake girl".

Or, to quote one of Britain's only honest politicians: "Britons fight for Britain only!"