Warning - Financial Rocks Ahead!

Warning - Financial Rocks Ahead!

Americans! A totally bankrupt USA is being dragged towards a disastrous war. One wrong move by any one of a number of key players could lead to an overnight closure of the Straights of Hormuz - the world's busiest oil-transport shipping lane, and perhaps even the destruction of the American fleet that Biden has foolishly ordered to sail into Ballistic Rocket Alley.

With US government finances in ruins, and the world increasingly turning away from the US$ as global reserve currency, this could all easily turn into the moment when the Dollar Empire collapses into the dust. That would mean the obliteration of wealth parked in banks, a crash in the real estate market, hpyer-inflation and general economic chaos.

We're not saying it's GOING to happen next week, but it IS going to happen at some stage, and when it does it will plunge all of us - including you and your family - into a whole world of pain and loss.

What can you do to prepare? Increase your stocks of non-perishable food stuffs. Get well away from anywhere populated by large numbers of people who are not like you and yours (and who do not like people like you). Buy more ammunition, power generation equipment and other aids to living when thee grid is crumbling.

And BUY GOLD and SILVER. China, Russia and all the other countries moving away from the toxic rule of the Federal Reserve and the Washington criminals are ALL buying gold like there's no tomorrow. That's no accident, because the time is approaching when there will be no tomorrow for wealth held in US dollars. 

So we strongly advise those of our readers lucky enough to have spare dollars to use them to buy gold (the best long-term wealth store other than productive land) and silver (the most useable form of hard currency for normal day-to-day purchases in an emergency).

We do not sell either, so we have no selfish interest in telling you this. Giving good advice is just part of the 21st Century Templar job description!