Watch G W Bush Fall for EPIC Scam!

Watch G W Bush Fall for EPIC Scam!

George W Bush hasn't had a good week! First, there was the speech in Dallas where he accidentally confessed to war crimes when he condemned the “decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq”.

But if you thought that was funny, just take a look (right now, because it'll probably get taken down all too soon) at this EPIC scam by two young Russians, who convince Dubya that he is talking with President Zelensky of Ukraine:

This isn't just a very successful and funny prank. The two extract from Bush some confessions which should have grabbed the headlines all over the world. The gullible and vain former 'leader of the free world' admits on camera that Secretary of State Baker did indeed promise the then Russian leadership not to expand NATO. 

Hit with a comparison between Kosovo breaking away from Serbia with the help of NATO bombs, and the desire of the Donbass republics to leave Ukraine, Bush is obviously hugely confused. He tries to change the subject, in the course of which he tells the fake 'Ukrainian' callers that "your mission is to destroy as many Russian troops as you can".

Bush is then led on to admit that the US Deep State has run 'orange revolutions' all over the former USSR and is still attempting regime-change in Russia. He also confirms that the Pentagon donated bio-labs to Ukraine and says it was 'smart' to prevent them from being captured by the Russians.

Watch Bush's reaction (around 5.33 in) when he is reminded of his Iraq war, when his nervous flicking of a paper pad tells us even more than his actual comment: "I don't know, you're living in the past too much".

Finally, having hoaxed the old fool into repeating a Russian slogan, the pranksters get Bush laughing along with their 'joke' that Zelensky is like Monica Lewinsky. "Glory to Russia", they conclude, and it is indeed a glorious hoax.

But, needless to say, not one second of this genuinely newsworthy piece of subversive journalism will be played on any of the West's Lying Press channels or websites. It's just too damning, plus it's a reminder that the "stoopid Russians" are not that stoopid after all. Not nearly as stoopid as George W Bush, that's for sure!