What Differences Does War Propaganda Really Make?

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What Differences Does War Propaganda Really Make?

The 'Bucha Massacre' story is the most blatant attempt so far by the Western intelligence services and their mass media collaborators to inflame public opinion against Russia. The one video that these habitual liars refuse to show on Western TV screens is, of course, the one in which Ukrainian soldiers in Bucha openly talk about shooting people wearing white armbands. The contention that the massacre was actually carried out by Kiev forces is, however, borne out even by the videos and photographs from Bucha which the fake news media are showing: Time and time again, the attentive viewer can see white armbands on the corpses - clear evidence that victims were gunned down for displaying pro-Russian sympathies.

It is very significant that a video was made by the National Police of Ukraine showing in detail the 'clean up' operation in Bucha, the day before videos and photographs of the 'massacre' appeared. This fits with the detail of the white armbands on so many of the corpses in the street and found bound and tortured in basements: It all points towards the real perpetrators of this appalling war crime as being Ukrainian forces, and suggests that the killings were done some 48 hours after the Russian troops were deployed out of the area. 
The carelessness shown by the perpetrators shows the desperation of the Kiev regime for a propaganda narrative to add to the pressure for direct NATO involvement in the conflict. The readiness of the Western media and politicians to present such an obvious false flag atrocity as 'evidence' of Russian brutality also tells us a great deal about the contempt in which the media and political elite hold ordinary people. They are clearly confident that the massive censorship of social media platforms and of pro-Russian voices means that their latest round of fakery will not be challenged.
This is a pattern with which we are becoming very familiar. From the Snake Island 'heroes' to the bombing of the hospital in Mariupol, the mainstream media have established a track record of uncritically regurgitating every wild claim put out by Kiev, then simply ignoring the facts when the truth finally comes out. Sometimes, they even admit that they were wrong, but simultaneously claim that it makes no difference, or try to distract public attention with yet another fake atrocity.
Clearly there are certain elements - particularly but not exclusively in Kiev - which hope that the constant repetition of such anti-Russian horror stories will produce in the public sufficient revulsion to overcome the very well-grounded fear of direct NATO involvement leading to nuclear war. Most of those promoting these cynical propaganda lies seem to have a somewhat less extreme - though still very dangerous - fourfold objective: 1) To prod the Western public into accepting the rapidly growing pain created by the self-destructive sanctions regime; 2) To build support for pouring even more tax money into the gigantic arms shipments needed to prolong the war; 3) To frighten the Swedes and Finns into supporting their countries joining NATO' and, 4) Regime change in Moscow.
The fourth of these objectives is looking increasingly ludicrous, but the US and UK deep states in particular have had this ambition for so long that they are unable to accept that it is a childish fantasy whose time has passed. The first three are, by contrast, all pretty much a done deal. There is a significant minority in most Western countries which understands the truth about Ukraine but perhaps 80% of the population are swallowing every drop of war hysteria poison they are fed by the fake news media. The proportion is very similar to the impact of the earlier 'Covid Plague' fantasy put out by the very same media and political elite.
A major aim in that, of course, was to make money for Big Pharma, rather than the military-industrial complex. The prime objective - to push for a 'Great Reset' powergrab - is one to which they will return as the economic and financial dislocation caused by their artificially forced war present them with new 'problems' to which they can conveniently offer their preferred 'solutions'.
The good thing is that none of this will prevent Russia from attaining all its objectives in Ukraine. Nor will the Bucha story, or any other atrocity propaganda, have any impact at all on the worldwide financial, economic and political consequences of sanctions or of Washington's almost suicidal demolition of the already shaky credibility of the dollar as the global reserve currency. Once this process is complete, the Empire of Lies will lose forever the financial base on which it built its brief unipolar moment. The world is changing before our very eyes, so we must expect ever-more outrageous lies and self-destructive lashing out from those who see their power to dictate the future of humanity slipping through their fingers.


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